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Activities and Events

Parkway South Theatre Department has several activities and events interested students can participate in throughout the year. Sign-ups and other specifics are posted on the department Google Classroom (code is posted outside room 1101). If you see something that interests you and have questions see Mrs. Forrest-James or a Troupe 3168 officer.


Students have several opportunities to audition (or apply for tech positions) throughout the season. 

Main Stage Productions

Each school year the department produces 2 full length shows. On even years (24-25, 26-27, 28-29) this usually means 2 plays. On odd years this usually means 1 play and 1 musical (23-24, 25-26, 27-29). On occassion a musical may swap in for a play on an even year or a third production may be added to the season. 

One Acts

Several opportunities exist for performance/tech in this shortened format. Senior students taking the Directing course will produce a fully realized one act as their performance final. In addition we have sometimes traveled additional one acts to MoT State Conference, MSHSAA Districts, and surrounding middle schools. 


PSH Theatre students participate in activites in an effort to help others. Annually we run a food drive in October as well as raise money or materials for charities chosen by the troupe officers. Finally, past productions have tied the show's theme iwth a charitable organization (ie Linus Blanket Project, Cinderella Affair, etc)

Comedy Troupe

Students interested in improv and/or sketch omedy can audition each semester for a spot in the troupe. A public performance happens at the end of each semester,

Missouri Thespians

MoT offers students initiated into

ITS several opportunities and potential honors. PSH Theatre often participates at the local, state, and national level including attending the State Conference. See the ITS page on this website for infomation of how to achieve the honor of initiation. 

Parent's Organization

Parents who wish to support the department may elect to become involved with this booster club. Activities depend on the parents involved but have included providing time, talent, and resources in the past. Annual fundraising for a scholarship awarded to a dept. senior is a traditional activity as well as running the concession stand during performances. Past grants have also been awarded for the State and National conferences. 

Reading Committee

Students who are interested in helping with the programing for next year's season can self-nominate to participate in the Reading Committee. These students will read 3-4 plays and will vote on one show to be produced the following year. 

Senior Dept Honors

Senior students who have been active participants in the theatre program can earn graduation honors as well as apply for the annual dept. scholarship. Information of requirements will be posted on the GC. 

Theatre Dept. Yearbook

While PSH's school yearbook does an excellent job recording the school year, due to space issues there are several things about the theatre dept. which do not make it into their yearbook so the Theatre Dept annually produces our own yearbook with a more complete accounting for the school year. These are included in the yearly dues students pay (by March). No additional copies are ordered after this month. 

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